Why Gala Pharmaceutical’s GLPH Stocks are Destined for Excellence
October 2, 2018
Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. – Is It A Good Investment?
October 10, 2018

As agricultural research, soil research, genetic testing and other plant researches move from high level to another the demand for quality analytical testing laboratories is increasing rapidly in the country. Gala Pharmaceutical Inc., Or GLPH, is at forefront of creating some of the most modern tools for quality testing and analytics. They have made an impressive beginning and given their ambitious plans backed up by action, it will not be long before GLPH would be able to develop the best of screening technologies. These will go a long way in providing some of the best services to the agricultural industry on the whole.

Benefits Of Regulatory Environment

Hence there are reasons to believe that investing in stocks of GLPH could be one of the best decisions now. The movement of stocks of GLPH has been quite impressive so. The future indeed looks very bright because of some obvious reasons. The regulatory environment in the state of California, especially the laws pertaining to cannabis testing is going through a major change. The regulations would in all likelihood become very favorable for research and analytics base companies like Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. Since the new liberalized and research-company-friendly is likely to take effect as early as December 2018, GLPH is readying itself with some highly ambitious expansion plans. The legal cannabis industry in particular would stand benefitted because of these relaxed rules and it could reach nearly $50 billion dollars in 2026. This will certainly be a big boost to research companies like GLPH and therefore their stock prices could reach new heights in the near future.

A Competent & Experienced Team

The Company is also well managed with the best team. The entire operations are guided by a Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Scientific Officer. The CEO comes with more than 10 years of experience in this industry. He has the best of knowledge with regard to quantitative and molecular genetics, plant breeding, project management and cytogenetics. The CEO has a Masters and PhD in Plant Science from Idaho University, USA. He is ably assisted by a Chief Scientific Officer who is a Microbiologist, Chemist and Molecular Biologist. He also carries with him 10 years of experience in applied biotechnology based research and also biomedical research. The Chief Scientific Officer also has a Masters in Biotechnology. They are also supported by a highly qualified, experienced and focused Advisory Board.

Right Time To Invest

The stocks are still available at reasonably low prices and it is high time that investors made a prudent decision to invest liberally right now. GLPH will most certainly become a goose that lays golden eggs with the next few years. It is built on solid fundamentals and it is only a matter of time before the revenue floodgates start opening up and the research and analysis facilities go full throttle ahead.

The Final Word

In fine, Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. could be one of the best investing opportunities. It is low cost, high return investment option. Those who delay and procrastinate even for a few weeks or months may end up paying much higher amounts compared to what it is today.