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September 4, 2018
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September 9, 2018


Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. offers testing and laboratory build outs with its innovative tools for plant genetics, tissue culture and cloning, as well as drug manufacturing and formulation. The company is looking forward to enlarging in screening technologies for chemical, plant, soil and chemical composition analysis. It is located in 18881 Von-Karman Ave-Suite 1440 in Irvine, California.

You can visit their offices from Monday – Friday as from 9 am- 6pm or reach them through email []. To learn more about them, visit their site

Services Offered

The following are some of the services offered by the company:

Analytical testing
Pesticide testing
Microbial testing
Molecular services
Genetic fingerprinting
Consulting and training
Lab design
SOP development
Lab equipment

How They Do Their Analysis

Analysis is done using advanced tools, instruments and software. Through chemical analysis, many advanced branches in science have been developed. The gravimetry instrumental analysis sampling determines the amount of analyte present by use of weight. Microscopy is a visual analysis which has become highly important. It is used for molecules, particles and ells which cannot be viewed by use of the naked eye.


Mr. Mark Livingston: leader of the Gala-Pharmaceutical Inc.

NayazAhmed: Director of all Analytical Services as well as Product Development

Arshad Chaudry: Director of Q.C as well as Microbiology and Validation


The company is planning to develop a cannabis testing network as per the cannabis testing regulations. It is applying to operate a TYPE 8 medical cannabis testing lab which has been deemed complete by the Long-Beach City. It is also planning to build the second and third labs in Southern California by the end of the year.

The company has a highly experienced scientific team, access to growth capital thus being among the most qualified pharmaceutical Inc’s. for this operation.

According to the CEO, Dr. Rehman, the proposed expansion plans for the company’s cannabis-testing laboratories will portend a major milestone.

An upcoming market that will benefit the company has been presented by the cannabis testing regulation in California. California has over 40 million residents and more than 1 million cannabis users which is more than a third of the North American population using cannabis.

Market Information

Stocks of this company are listed on the over the counter bulletin board under the symbol GALA. Below are bid prices for common stock quarterly for the year 2017:

First-quarter ended on February 28 2017: 1.50 0.30

Second-quarter ended on May 31 2017: 0.54 0.22

Third-quarter ended on August 31 2017: 1.02 0.22

Fourth-quarter ended on November 2017: 0.90` 0.20

As of November 30 2017, 76 shareholders of record held the remaining 35, 701, 561 that were issued. They also had assets of $61, 961 and liabilities of $1, 013, 796.

Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. according to the 2017 report received $445, 367 from financing activities, $250, 000 [after accounting for original issuance discount of 30,000$] from issuance of convertible debenture, $170,000 from issuance of common shares, $28, 867 from advances from related parties and $8, 500 in related party loans payable.

Comparing the bid prices for common stock as per 2017 and 2016, there is an increase. This can only shows that the company is doing well and according to this year’s events, it is bound to make more profits.