Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. – A Sleeping Giant Ready To Wake Up?
September 13, 2018
Why Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. Should be the Next Stock in Your Portfolio
September 23, 2018

Pending approval of TYPE8 cannabis-testing laboratory raises hope for a profitable stock

The pharmaceutical industry is a fast-growing and profitable industry to invest in. The research and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry create profitable ventures with investors reaping great profits from breakthroughs. The Gala Pharmaceutical Incorporation is one of the fastest growing and promising pharmaceuticals whose stock you should consider investing in.


The Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. is a publicly traded company listed under OTCMarkets. Gala Pharmaceutical focuses on researching and developing derivative products of cannabis and hemp. The cannabis industry is largely untapped into despite the potential profitability linked to the plant, giving Gala Pharmaceutical a competitive edge. With the company expecting to launch its first cannabis-testing laboratory in California, the company’s stock is bound to rise in value.

Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. intent to make 2018 their breakthrough year and they are achieving their goal a step at a time. By basing their testing laboratory in California, they are getting into a hotbed of an untapped opportunity of which you should be a part. Here are some reasons their stock is a valuable investment asset


Innovation is the backbone of any pharmaceutical company. Gala pharmaceutical Inc. are keen on developing innovative trends and technologies in their services including microbial testing, genetic fingerprinting, cloning, pesticide testing, and analytical testing. Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. is working towards changing the agricultural sector, and you should be part of that future by investing in Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. stocks.

By focusing their energy on the underdeveloped cannabis plant as a source of medicine, they have identified a profitable niche that is just coming into the market; therefore, they are sure of deriving handsome profits from that plant, which means more dividends for shareholders.


It is estimated that the medical marijuana market in California alone is worth about $25billion. Once the TYPE 8 cannabis-testing laboratory in California is approved, Gala pharmaceuticals will have a large market of consumers of medical marijuana. Since California contributes to 33%of the national marijuana consumption, this means that Gala pharmaceuticals will be having excellent business and profits from the set-up of the laboratory, not to mention a great opportunity for expansion into other markets.


At the start of the company, Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. experienced a decline. However, in 2018, the company has been registering growth with its stock charts rising by the day. Previously, the GLPH stocks were highly overvalued which explains the steep decline. However, since 2016, the prices have been stabilizing and the share value is taking an upward trend.

The future of Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. is a promising one with their innovative testing for cannabis which is handled in state of the art laboratories by top-notch scientists. With their application pending approval, Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. will have the legal right to carry out cannabis testing. Purchasing Gala Pharmaceutical Inc. shares at this time will be a low-risk venture, which will be very rewarding for you once the laboratory is approved. Reason being, everyone will want a share of the cannabis cake’.

You are probably thinking that your investment may be lost if the lab is not approved, right? Well, buying the GLPH stock at current market value is a low-risk venture- the share is very close to its support level. This means that it is not likely to fall below the current market value; therefore, you lose a very small percentage of your investment.