Dr. Maqsood Rehman

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Maqsood Rehman has Masters and PhD degrees in Plant Science from University of Idaho, U.S.A. and Post Doctorate from University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri. Dr. Rehman has a diversified scientific background with training, and 10 plus years of industry experience in plant breeding, quantitative and molecular genetics, cytogenetics and project management.


Peter Um

Chief Scientific Officer
Peter Um is a Molecular Biologist, Microbiologist, and Chemist with over 10 years of biomedical and applied biotechnology research experience. He received his Bachelors of Science in Molecular Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Westminster College.  He also received his Masters in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. Peter has a diverse scientific background and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding biotechnology to Gala Pharmaceutical Inc.